New cPanel email account setup

1: Go to your cPanel account and login using the details provided on your welcome email.

2: Find category EMAIL and then proceed to Email Accounts.

cPanel Email Account


3: When on Email Accounts find and click CREATE to your far right.

cPanel Email Account


4: Choose the Domain you are wanting to setup a private email account.

5: Enter your own email username,

6: Enter the password you want for your chosen email account or have one generated randomly.

7: Either choose how much storage you want for chosen email account or set to unlimited, this will all depend on your hosting account storage.

8: Choose if you want folders automatically created or not. TSH set all email account to do not.

9: Click CREATE.

cPanel Email Account


10: Your email account is now setup and can send and receive emails.


There are a couple ways to view your email, either by WebMail which is cPanel > Email Accounts > CHECK EMAIL > Then click OPEN under roundcube.

Or you can configure your email client so you can have your email account setup on your smartphone or your home/office computer, we have written a guide on this and can be found in our knowledgebase under web hosting guides.

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